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Franchise model

BioTara helps to bridge the space between natural capital and global markets, by connecting forest steward communities and their wild oils from wild plantations to capital, technology and markets. This delivers a unique package of services to not only the forest stewards involved, but also to the planet and the end-user of nature's finest products.

The impact

Increased resiliency
for forest steward communities

By linking the natural capital of forest steward communities with world markets, 10.000 smallholder harvesters will be lifted out of poverty using regenerative harvesting practices for wild oils from wild plantations. These communities will benefit directly by becoming BioTara franchisees, and thus co-owners.

The impact

Increased and guaranteed carbon uptake

The regenerative harvesting of wild oils from the rainforest will result in nature-positive products. Each franchisee thereby commits to the conservation of at least 40,000 ha. of forest assuring regenerative production. Ultimately guaranteeing a countrywide carbon uptake of 3.2M ton CO2e.

The method

Unlock access to capital, technology and markets

BioTara connects its franchisees to capital and technology to develop products for the international cosmeceutical market. BioTara will support communities from preparing them to become investible franchisees to help build or expand their product lines and innovate production processes.

The method


BioTara offers radical transparency by implementing a blockchain based supply chain management and reporting system, including Web3 tools to follow our community of franchisees. Not only our products are traceable from seed to end product, all of our smart contracts will be published and traceable as well

The benefit

ESG contribution 
for companies

BioTara commits to the highest ESG standards,
by connecting historically disenfranchised communities to markets of scale, while conserving tens of thousands of hectares of forest and guaranteeing transparency through innovative monitoring of the full supply chain.

The benefit

Nature's best

BioTara sources its products directly from its franchisees: forest steward communities in the rainforest. Nature's finest wild oils are harvested and processed into high-value products for the cosmeceutical market.

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