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We produce climate-positive wild oils with local communities, while conserving forests.

Pioneering Climate-Positive Forest Ventures with Transparent Value Chains and Premium Wild Oils for Cosmeceuticals, we ensure conservation in Every Rainforest Region.

How it Works

Bio-economy franchise model

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Communities with unused domesticated forests in the rainforest

Franchise model that bridges the gaps for these franchisees in three key areas: Capital, Technology & Markets

Global market players in the cosmeceutical market sourcing directly from domesticated forests

Franchise based co-ownership model

Forest-steward communities utilize domesticated forests with a production potential of 40m liters a year of wild oils

Forest and

biodiversity conservation

Each facility protects 40'000 hectares of rainforest including its biodiversity and absorbs 3.2M ton carbon per year.

Traceability of products

We provide a high resolution traceability mechanism to the whole supply chain using satellite imaging, remote sensing, and drones.

In 2015 the first pilot project was built processing Brazil Nuts.

Our trusted partners

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The Opportunity? Real impact.

By connecting 10 franchises within 3 years, we protect 400'000 hectares of forest. With 100 new franchisees as the long term goal, we will be able to cover an additional 4 million hectares of forest, safeguard the sequestration function of 3.2 mln CO2e ton per year and lift 10,000 families out of poverty.

Producing for the cosmeceutical markets


Standing forests possess unlimited domesticated forests to harvest, process and distribute locally and internationally. Typical products: oils, minerals, butter.


Beyond their basic nutritional functions nutraceuticals contain natural bioactive chemical compounds with scientifically proven properties to provide health benefits and/or prevent diseases.

Regeneratively harvested products
like BioTara's will increasingly substitute petrochemical ingredients in the cosmeceutical market.

The Founder

John is an experienced international corporate player with a passion for nature and a love for Suriname. With a unique blend of NGO heart and business mind, his background in both the private and NGO sectors contributes to the distinct vision of Biotara.

John Goedschalk founder of biotara
John Goedschalk

Founder and CEO

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