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We produce climate-positive wild oils
with local communities to conserve forests

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Our vision is to create healthy value for stakeholders, via a franchise model for highly valuable wild oils, to conserve forests and biodiversity.

The cosmetics industry is expanding, but it is also facing increasing pressure to become more sustainable and responsible. The chemical industry has answered the call for sustainability by establishing the Together for Sustainability initiative. That's where BioTara comes in.

Connecting local wild oil harvesters with the growing global cosmetics industry provides a valuable source of natural ingredients while empowering communities with capital, technology, and market access. Unlike other solutions, that are often opaque and imbalanced, BioTara offers transparency and a direct connection with producers, making it a truly impactful investment.

By leveraging the growing demand for natural and environmentally-friendly products, BioTara offers the potential for strong returns while making a meaningful contribution to society and the planet.

Our Story

BioTara ​was born from concerns over the growing disconnects on earth. Historically, small communities have been shut out from the global marketplace. Not by design, but by not appropriately valuing the nature-positive products of our natural ecosystems. By not providing appropriate levels of access to capital and technology for the development of community-owned ventures. And finally, by not appreciating the intimate link between products being consumed and the forest-based communities where they originate. This lack of access to capital, technology and markets has, directly and indirectly, led to forest loss, poverty, and thus increased vulnerability of the most valuable forest stewards of our planet. 

Based on our 100+ years of combined experience in NGO's and the private sector, BioTara knows what is needed and seeks to bridge this market failure. We will provide forest steward communities with access to Capital, Technology, and Markets to build bio-economy ventures via a franchise model. This enables them to be co-owners, earning an income from their wild plantations while protecting their forests and lifestyle.

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BioTara's franchise model will create real impact. When 100 franchisees will be up and running this will result in:

  • 10.000 vulnerable families lifted out of poverty (SDG 1. No poverty)

  • 4,000,000 hectares of forest protected (SDG 15. Life on land)

  • Continued sequestration of 3.2-million-ton CO2e annually (SDG 13. Climate action)

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About Suriname


Suriname, a vast
amount of natural capital

Suriname is the Most Forested Country on Earth with 93% forest cover.

Suriname's forest is part of the Guiana Shield and is recognized as one of only two carbon-negative countries.

This smallest nation in South America is home to a vast amount of biodiversity, freshwater resources, and unused wild plantations of valuable trees producing wild oils. 



BioTara is the bridge
we all need

BioTara is a combination of two words: bio and tara. The word tara is a Trio-indigenous word that translates to bridge. Its pronunciation
(/təˈrɑh/) is similar to the word terra, which is Latin for earth. Bio refers to the bio-economy ventures that will be set up under the franchise model.

Together these words form BioTara.
After all BioTara will fill a bridge function for bio-economy ventures in Suriname to access capital, technology and markets, while protecting the forests on earth.


Contact us

Drop us a line with any questions, inquiries or business proposals

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